Oliver Sarfas

Senior Developer, excelling in rapid application development and providing scaling solutions

Part time tech blogger and live streamer      

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  • Producing fast, and efficient solutions for the industry
  • Custom websites, APIs, third party integrations, and proprietary software
  • Reviewing existing architecture and technical designs, making recommendations for the future and scaling the application
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  • Dedicated, approachable, and easy going. Always up for a discussion
  • Enjoy spending time with the family, known to dabble in a few video games as well (Final Fantasy mainly)
  • Has a list of life aspirations with ages alongside them. I'm driven to meet these and prove myself
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My Approach

  • Build robust software that is both easy to use, and maintain
  • Ensure that industry standards are used whenever possible
  • Test the application before even writing the code - ensuring 100% functionality
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Having worked in the Technical Sector for 7+ years now, I've seen a lot of varying technologies. Here's a couple I'm most familiar with

  • Laravel - A PHP Framework designed for Rapid Application Development
  • VueJS The Progressive Javascript Framework


A list of all my skills, and how they can help solve your problems

Code Standards

All code written is PSR-2 Standard compliant. I use a variety of scripts and procedures to enforce this


All solutions are built with security in mind. Every website, API, and service are SSL certified, and follow the best industry standards


Where possible, automation will take control. Administrative tasks can be scheduled, programmed, and even managed - remotely


As in modern life, I'm always online. My phone has a perpetual connection to the internet - so I'll be there, if things ever go wrong


An active member of the LaravelUK Slack community, I have an extensive network of industry experts available to me


All projects are built test first ensuring functionality works to specifications.
Allowing for future modifications to be maintained easily

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